Conference Proceedings of PASSHEMA by year


Dr. Muhammad Aslam - Lock Haven University Iterative Regularization and its Applications

Dr. Donna Dietz - Mansfield University/ University of Pennsylvania Cell Complexes Arising from Bouncing Light Rays

Dr. Michael Ecker - PSU Wilkes-Barre Unifying Results Via L'Hopital's Rule

Dr. Xianrui Meng - Bloomsburg University Perfect Distance Tree

Dr. Richard Mikula - Lock Haven University An Introduction to Curvature

Dr. Adam Roberts - Clarion University Reluctant Geometer

Dr. Michael Robinson - University of Pennsylvania Localization of Mobile Receivers using Opportunistic Signal Sources

Dr. Philippe Savoye - Mansfield University Using Analog Circuits to Motivate the Lapalace Transform (also in pdf)

Dr. Carl Smith - Mansfield University Mathematics Learning for the Economics and Finance Student

Dr. Venkatesh Tamraparni - Fullbright Scholar to Mansfield University Ramanujan: the man and his mathematics



Anthony Berard and Joseph Evan - King's College Logic and Axiomatics, the foundation for the mathematics major at King's

Matthew Davis and Shiv K. Gupta (West Chester University) A small correction to a paper of Vandermonde

Dr. Donna Dietz (Mansfield University) Logic circuits laboratory for an undergraduate course in Discrete Mathematics

Noel Heitmann and Stephen Peurifoy (Millersville University) Stabilization of the Evolutionary Convection-Diffusion Problem: Introduction and Experiments

Dr. Premalatha Junius (Mansfield University) Proofs in the Classroom

Marc Renault (Shippensburg University) Andre and the Ballot Problem - History and a Generalization


Amy Bressler (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania) The Unit Circle by Right Triangles

Dr. Kevin Ferland (Bloomsburg University) Building the Toughest Networks

Dr. Akhtar Mahmood (Assistant Professor of Physics) Jack Dougherty (Undergraduate Research Assistant) Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Application of Group Theory in Particle Physics using the Young Tableaux Method

Dr. Lyn Phy (Kutztown University) The Process of Motivation in the Mathematics Classroom

Rick White (Edinboro University) Reflection Groups and Spacetimes

Dr. Gregory Wisloski(Indiana University of Pennsylvania) Continuity in Semi-Metric Spaces


Kevin Ferland - Bloomsburg University The What, How, and Why of Pi


Dr. Donna Dietz (Mansfield University) Three-dimensional manipulatives for undergraduate geometry classes

Kevin Ferland - Bloomsburg University What is Discrete Mathematics?

Francis J. Vasko (Kutztown University) and Dennis D. Newhart Does Marilyn Know her Game Theory? (from SIAM News)


Kevin Ferland - Bloomsburg University Why Maximum Toughness is Tougher than Maximum Connectivity

Paul A. Loomis and Matthew B. Severcool - Bloomsburg University Bounding the density of abundant numbers

John B. Polhill - Bloomsburg University A Brief Survey of Difference Sets, Partial Difference Sets, and Relative Difference Sets


Jen Bergman, Doug Hogan, and Martin Schettler (Juniata College) I'm Leaving on an Overbooked Jet Plane

Andrew Clark, Megan Holben, and Mike Scatton (Bloomsburg University) Spouting Off About Fountains

Kevin Ferland (Bloomsburg University) Optimal Networks Have Maximum Toughness

Amadou Guisse (Edinboro University) A Seven Step Algorithm for Integration by Substitution

Paul Hartung and Elizabeth Mauch (Bloomsburg University) Content Mathematics Course for Elementary Teachers

Howard Iseri (Mansfield University) Impulse Gauss Curvatures (Also published in the Smarandache Notions Journal)

Lisa Lister and John Polhill (Bloomsburg University) Developments in Precalculus and Calculus at Bloomsburg University

Youmin Lu (Bloomsburg University) Asymptotics of Solutions to a Non-Linear Differential Equation

Elizabeth Mauch (Bloomsburg University) Incorporating Geometry and Statistics into the Elementary Classroom

Scott McClintock (West Chester University) A Radical Expression for cos(2*Pi / p)

Earl D. Packard (Kutztown University) Preparing Mathematical Animations for the Web with Maple 6

Dr. Lyn Phy (Kutztown University) Curriculum Infusion Project: Is Kutztown University a Party School?


Elaine Carbone (Clarion University) and Frank Marzano (Edinboro Univeristy) Sharing Assessment Ideas

Niandong Shi (East Stroudsburg University) Discrete Mathematics


Marc Fowler, Ryan Love, and Scott Savidge, Students; Advisor Professor Kevin Ferland, Bloomsburg University - Playing Darts with Elephants

John Polhill and Reza Noubary, Bloomsburg University - A Statistical Analysis of Major League Baseball's Single-Season Home Run Record

Kevin Ferland, Bloomsburg University - Toughness of Graphs

Steve Gendler, Clarion University - Mathematical Connections: Modeling in Business Calculus


Carol Rehn, Lock Haven University - Samples of Collaborative Learning Activities taken from Intermediate Algebra, Introductory Algebra, Basic Mathematics, and Consumer Mathematics

Kaddour Boukaabar, Ph.D., California Univeristy of Pennsylvania - Discrete Mathematics with the Towers of Hanoi

N. Paul Schembari, East Stroudsburg University - Fun with Fourier Series

Steven Gendler, Clarion Univeristy of Pennsylvania - How I Use MAPLE in Teaching and Research


Howard Iseri, Mansfield University - Minimal Surfaces and Plateau's Problem

Paul R. Wolfson, West Chester University - Teaching Mathematics Using the Genetic Approach

Steven Gendler, Clarion University of Pennsylvania - Precalculus- Where Is It and Where Is It Going?

Clifford Johnston, West Chester University - Evasion and Pursuit on a Football Field

Gene Fiorini, Shippensburg University - Extremal Properties of Generalized 4-Gons

N. Paul Schembari, East Stroudsburg University - Mathematics of Finance as General Education

1997- Volume One

Dr. Youmin Lu, Wilson College, Chambersburg PA - The Asymptotics of the Negative Solutions to the Fifth Painleve Equation -- III

Deborah Gochenaur, Shippensburg University - A Distribution Problem

Dr. Jean Werner, Mansfield University - Are the students in Elementary Statistics classes using statistical reasoning?

Mike McConnell, Clarion University - Using Writing Assignments in Teaching Mathematics to Non-Science Majors

Zhoude Shao, Millersville University - Approximate inertial manifolds for Fitzhugh-Nagumo type systems

Cindy Martin, Carlisle Area High School, Carlisle PA - On a Class of Counterexamples to a Generalization of Ore's Theorem

John H. Riley, Jr., Bloomsburg University - Precalculus Revelations

Stephen I. Gendler, Clarion University - The New Precalculus-Experiences of an Old Precalculus Teacher

E. Dennis Huthnance, Bloomsburg University - Using Computers to Notate Music

Reza Noubary, Bloomsburg University - Some statistical paradoxes

Clifford A. Johnston, West Chester University - Regularity of the Viscosity Solution of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations with Large Discount Factor

N. Paul Schembari, East Stroudsburg University - Arizona Differential Equations at ESU

Frank Marzano, Edinboro University - Vedic Mathematics: The Scientific Heritage of Ancient India

Compiler's Note:

These Proceedings include papers from some of the presentations and discussion groups given at the PASSHEMA Conferences. The compiler has made no attempt to edit these papers.